4 ways to treat pains without using medicine

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aging It comes with more and more sickness as the body gradually deteriorates. Especially various pains Starting with headaches, neck and shoulder pain from sitting and working for a long time. Knee pain from osteoarthritis or too much weight Including waist pain, back pain, arm pain, etc. But if you want to take painkillers every time You must feel sorry for your liver. So let’s try a way to relieve pain that doesn’t require painkillers. It’s definitely more effective than you think. ยูฟ่าเบท

1. exercise

Stretching is very important if you have pain in your body. Whether it’s your neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, knees, ankles, wrists, waist, and anywhere else, you can open a YouTube video clip and follow each step easily. Important principles It is to allow each muscle to stretch in order to relax the muscles that have been used throughout the day without us being aware of it, such as sitting and working in front of the computer. It can cause us to tense our shoulders, arms, and wrists all the time. Including bending your neck to look at a computer screen for many hours in a row.

Therefore, choose to do exercises that emphasize stretching. muscle relaxation Starting from slow to fast Don’t forget to warm up your body before starting to exercise. To prevent muscle tearing from sudden exercise.

2. yoga

Anyone who is not good at physical exercises to get the blood pumping a lot. Try doing some yoga poses. Even though it is an exercise that reduces shock a lot. But let me tell you that you gain muscle, not from playing, sweating, and being tired like you think. But even so, yoga still has its beauty here. Many yoga poses can be chosen to help reduce pain in specific areas. Therefore, it can effectively reduce pain in specific areas. And if you exercise with yoga regularly The aches and pains that once occurred will be reduced. and disappears automatically Because the muscles in that part are stronger and can support more use without the same aches and pains as before.

3. Massage or acupuncture

Body aches and pains will be immediately better if you try traditional Thai massage. or acupuncture from traditional Chinese medicine This is a method often used by people who work hard to get instant relief during a limited period of time. In addition, massage And acupuncture also helps relieve stress from work. and various matters along with relaxing the muscles. In addition, massage and acupuncture can also identify areas that need special muscle relaxation. Including treating migraine headaches, knee pain, and other points as well.

However, you should opt for massage services. or get acupuncture from a trusted service center Received a check from public health Be accepted in the standards of service Including having received a license to open a store correctly, employees and doctors providing services And the treatment has a complete and correct medical license. Do not choose to use services in a place that does not meet such standards. Because it may be dangerous and cause more pain.

4. psychotherapy

In addition to the external body, the brain and internal mind also need to be treated. and heal The idea that “the mind is the master and the body is the slave” still holds true in this case. If the body is in enough pain We still have sadness Stress accumulates further. The pain that occurs can cause us to feel more suffering than before.

In fact, psychotherapy does not directly help reduce physical pain. But it is more about reducing the suffering that arises from the pain that occurs. However, if mental therapy helps us reduce pessimistic thinking. And when we think more positively Feeling the body gradually Improved condition The pain slowly subsided. It will help you feel better about yourself. Which leads to encouragement to fight various painful symptoms. You can get more as well.

However, the pain is caused by an infection. severe inflammation It may not be possible to treat it with these methods. Therefore, if there is pain in a specific part of the body Don’t allow severe pain. You should consult a doctor immediately. And receiving treatment correctly is the best. And these supplementary methods are only used when the doctor confirms that they can really help reduce pain.