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7 things you shouldn’t do after eating

Change your behavior after eating to stay healthy and avoid disease with the following 7 methods. 1. Don’t smoke.          From the results of the experts’ experiments, it was found that smoking after meals Comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes normally (increases the chance of getting cancer) If you smoke normally, you already have

5 steps to “stop bleeding” correctly

in emergency situations Proper stop bleeding is very important. Helps reduce organ loss and can reduce the risk of death For those facing emergency situations or in the midst of a violent event The first thing to do is to be mindful and assess the situation. Then he helped stop the bleeding. To reduce

10 easy ways to avoid “oily food”

Today’s diseases are bad for you. Important factors do not come from much genetics. But it comes from eating habits. and the way we live our lives Especially those who like to please their mouths. But without considering the consequences that will follow. When I realized it again, I had

When is it “not” appropriate to take a shower?

The hotter the weather The more we want to live in a cool place. But if you’ve been sweating all day There is probably nothing that makes us feel as refreshed as taking a shower. But there are times when we may have to wait even though it is very

4 ways to treat pains without using medicine

aging It comes with more and more sickness as the body gradually deteriorates. Especially various pains Starting with headaches, neck and shoulder pain from sitting and working for a long time. Knee pain from osteoarthritis or too much weight Including waist pain, back pain, arm pain, etc. But if you want

Can “Soda mixed with salt” really cure diarrhea?

Who at home believes that when you have diarrhea, you should drink soda mixed with salt? Raise your hand! I believe that many households should have this belief. You should probably have drank it once, but not before. The FDA warns that it can’t help.  Via the

12 reasons why you should change your diet “Rice Berry”

The rice berry trend is gaining strength. And we are happy to let this trend stay together with Thai people for a long time. Because good things and great things are in the hands of Thai people. I don’t want Thai people to have to waste money buying

5 serious diseases from improper “eating habits”

Did you know that your eating habits affect your body’s functioning more than you think? But choosing the type of food It may cause the body to function very well. Or it may increase the risk of causing serious disease without realizing it. 5 serious diseases from inappropriate ” eating habits “ Therefore,