Popular Roulette Casino Games.

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In this section we will focus on the popular roulette games available in our online casinos. There are usually three of the most popular forms of roulette games as follows. You can play for free through our top sites.

American roulette

It is a special roulette that has a wheel and all 38 numbers. Consisting of numbers 1-36 and adding 0 and 00 number slots. The rules and rules of playing American roulette are the same as other types of games. But the main difference lies in the slightly higher house edge (5.26%) due to the addition of the 00 slot on the wheel. However, American roulette remains a highly popular game especially in America.

European roulette

It is the most popular form of standard roulette. There will be a wheel divided into compartments. And has a total of 37 numbers, including 1 -36 and has a 0 number box. The house edge is lower than American roulette (2.6%). So it is often suitable for beginner players. The rules of this game are easy to understand. Just guess where the ball will land. Where the fun lies in the variety of betting options. And of course, the payout rates are varied as well UFABET 

French roulette

The obvious difference is The French roulette game uses letters on the dots of the table in french. And there is a different placement of off-table betting options. Two rules have also been added, ‘La partage’ and ‘En prison. By Le partage, if you bet off the table and lose because the ball lands in 0, half of the money is returned 0 and the next turn you win you get your money back.