Ronald Araujo reveals working hard to improve himself.

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Ronald Araujo tried to fix his weaknesses by working hard until he achieved his goal and became the main force of the Azulgrana football army.

Barcelona’s Uruguayan defender Ronald Araujo has revealed that. He had to put in extra effort and training to improve himself and fix some weaknesses to become a key player in Barcelona’s defense. The current Azul Grana squad. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Monday. 

Barcelona signed Araujo at the age of 19 and played for Barcelona. UFABET But it didn’t take long for the Uruguayan defender to break through to the first team during the 1970s. of Ernesto Valverde. 

However, Araujo also showed some weaknesses in the early days. Especially holding the ball and passing the ball until it becomes the last option. Because there were other players with superior techniques. Before the Uruguayan defender developed himself until he became the main character in the defensive line of the current team. 

‘When I arrived in Barcelona, ​​I touched the ball three times and lost the ball three times. It made me very disappointed. I think I can get better by working hard.’

‘I’m going back to training in the courtyard. I will control and pass the ball. and if we practice in the morning I’ll come in the afternoon to practice alone again,’ Araujo explains his work on fixing his weaknesses. 

Araujo showed more self-confidence. This was evident in his daring passing efforts and periodically bringing the ball up into midfield. Statistics show the 23-year-old defender has completed 3.4 long passes with a 55 per cent success rate this season. He also completed 2.5 risky passes at a 50 per cent success rate, with figures of 2.8 (52 per cent) and 1.2 (43 per cent) last season.