Valencia president complains about corruption

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Valencia could face the same fate as Juventus after former president Miguel Sorio lodged a formal complaint. With the anti-corruption department against Bats owner Peter Lim.

Former Valencia president Miguel Sorio has filed a formal complaint with the Anti-Corruption Department accusing Bats owner Peter Lim. And members of the club’s account manipulation as was the case with Juventus. The penalty was initially deducted by 15 points. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Monday. UFABET 

The matter involved two deals between the clubs in 2019. When Norberto Murara Neto moved to Barcelona for €26m plus €9m in bonuses. While Jasper Sille Ssen moved from Azul Grana to Valencia for €35m. But the deal was not transparent according to Sorio.

According to reports, Sorio has lodged a complaint with the anti-corruption department to investigate club owner Peter Lim, former club presidents Amadeo Salbo and Anil Murthy. As well as Layhun Chan is the current club president. Regarding account manipulation, embezzlement, lack of transparency in administration and interpersonal corruption.

While Barcelona are also alleged to have benefited from the same process. And it is assumed that they may face the same penalty for their role in Azulgrana. This was done under Josep Maria Bartomeu, the club’s previous president. And investment funds like the Benfica Stars Fund and Quality Sports Investment are also involved.

Sorio revealed the reason for the deal was to keep Peter Lim from facing losses of 30 million euros in his annual financial budget. But the anti-corruption department must look carefully. Because he wants to force the Singaporean billionaire to let go of the club. And there is also an offer to buy a stake in Valencia that he will do it on loan.