Vincenzo Italiano Identify Fiorentina The more you play

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Fiorentina boss Vincenzo Italiano says that leading the team to the final of the Europa Conference League is the culmination of hard work this season.

The 45-year-old began his coaching career in 2014 and this will be his first European Cup final, with West Ham rivals them in the final.

“At the moment we are only thinking about the journey we’ve had in our careers over the course of this season. From the beginning of playing in the playoff game against FC Twente until the final. This season we reached two finals. It’s a wonderful story. The first final game ended in disappointment. But we have to look ahead. We have an important game we are looking forward to. And it will be the pride of everyone who plays in this tournament.”

“It’s a tough game, we’ve been through 14 games in this competition. Meet all the best competitors But we started slowly and with every game we got more and more confidence. I think I’ve changed too since joining the team this season. We want to keep the team atmosphere. play the way we are Everything is very important in the final. Vincenzo Italiano told ยููฟ่าเบท

“Our duty is to work hard. and cause problems for West Ham as much as possible Of course, in games like this, luck also plays a part. It was my first European final. I’m excited and can’t wait for it.”